Whether you prefer a religious-oriented approach or a spiritually-oriented one, this page has something for you! Dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people sending loving thoughts, prayers, and energy to your loved one can never hurt and most definitely does help. It's a fact. In times like these, it's always best to have an open mind...no matter what your beliefs are. God comes in many forms and has many names. I personally used every resource on this page to help Kimmie when she needed it. They are all wonderful, caring people who love their fellow human beings and want to help. Some of them just "pray" in different ways. Whatever the mode of transmission, it will work if the request is made in earnest and with love. Not one of the links on this page are for "paid services". They are all offered completely free of charge.


Prayer Request Page at www.ComaRecovery.org
The Prayer List that started it all for me and gave me the idea to look around for more!

Christ Heals Ministries

Hispowerportal.com Prayer Board - US, by state

Hispowerportal.com Prayer Board - International, by country

ePrayer.com - Prayer Requests

Free Electronic Prayers (e-cards) at ePrayer.com

Dave's Prayer Request List
A HUGE list that you will quickly get lost in...but any prayer helps, so go for it  :)

America Praying Online Prayer Board

PrayerLinks Prayer Request Board - Visit their website
or E-Mail them your request at:  jaldridge@esatclear.ie


Campus Crusade for Christ International - Prayer Board

The Shepherd's Rest - CYBER PRAYER REQUEST CHAIN - Visit their website
or E-mail your prayer request:  prayer@faithtemple.org

ChristLight - Visit their website
or e-mail your request for immediate attention:  christlight@come2mum.com?subject=PLEASE PRAY FOR ME

Resurrection House of Prayer

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Prayer Request Page

Gethsemane Prayer Group - Visit their website
or E-Mail them your prayer request:  gethsemane@ehmail.com
You may also call The Gethsemane Prayer Line:
1-905-789 9909 (24 / 7) to submit a prayer request.

ChildPrayer International
"We Welcome Everyone of all Faiths and Cultures to Leave
A Prayer Request, To Pray Or To Leave A Response To
The Many Needs We List Here, For at What Age, and in What
Place in This Universe, are We No Longer Considered a Child of God?"

Ring of Intercessors Net Ring (84 Member Sites)
An intercessor is someone who believes that prayer can change lives.
Intercession might be defined as "love on its knees in prayer".

Milton Baker's Place Of Prayer
Get "Your Personal Prayer Page"! This will allow Brother Baker to know how to pray and minister more personally to you!
After prayer, he will respond personally, by e-mail, with a special, anointed Letter of Faith! If you leave your postal address,
This package includes:
       1-The Personal Prayer Letter (This is a powerful personal letter to you, that will minister and encourage you in God!)
       2-The Powerful "Healing Scriptures Book" (Powerful Holy Promises, that target your Healing!)
       3-The "Prayer Of Faith" News-letter (Powerful Anointed Sermons, Testimonies & Ministry Reports.)
Or you can e-mail your prayer requests to Brother Baker: milton@miltonbaker.net

Intercessory Prayer List at The Dream Center for Intercessory Prayer
Enter your Prayer Request here and Prayer Warriors from 77 countries will pray for you,
and every time they do - you will know about it via e-mail. Miracles happen everyday at this site!!!
(only viewable in Internet Explorer, NOT in Netscape)
View Others' Prayers
Post your own Prayer Request

The Monks of Adoration - Visit their website
Contemplative Catholic monastic life dedicated to Eucharistic Adoration,
the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
or E-Mail them your prayer request at:  monkadorer@catholic.org

Carroll Baptist Church - SouthLake, Texas - Prayer Requests (click to visit the website)
Morning Prayer group meets four mornings a week at 6:00 a.m. at the church.
Also have a church prayer chain that can be activated at any time. On Wednesday nights
they set aside time to pray for specific requests. Prayer requests may be phoned in at any
time, e-mailed to  prayer@carrollchurch.org  and they will receive prompt attention. You
may also send a request to be seen only by the staff. Your confidentiality will always be
respected. Just let them know if you'd prefer the request to be seen only by the staff by
emailing your request to  pastor@carrollchurch.org

Christians United Ministries, Inc. "Committed 2 Prayer" (Visit the website here)
Or e-mail your prayer requests to:  committed2prayer@hotmail.com
Or call us with your requests or send them via regular mail:
Christians United Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 743
Foley, Alabama 36536-0743
24 Hour Prayer Line
Local#: (334)987-1234
Toll Free#: 1-888-307-7812

Pablo Maria Mission - Visit his website
Brother Pablo will gratefully accept your prayer requests & correspondence sent by e-mail
or to the address at the bottom of the main page. Although Brother Pablo Maria will receive
all prayer requests & correspondence, he can not promise a response. Please be assured that
he has responded in his heart. Prayer requests should be sent to: pablo@pablomaria.com

Mike Simons Ministries - Go to the website & request your FREE MIRACLE PACKET!
24 hour TOLL-FREE Prayer Hotline:  1-888-625-2244

Wings of Prayer
Please know there are many who will join with you
in sending your prayers to heaven, and many caring
angels on earth who will offer comfort and friendship

Our website prayer request line is always open for posting and we also welcome any
inspirational stories or miracles you would like to share with us. We welcome all positive beliefs,
Catholic prayer, Christian prayer requests other religions in our international house of prayer.
This bulletin board is for prayers in need, it's completely free, and it's non-denominational.
We believe strongly in the power of prayer. We do ask is that while you post your need, you also actively
pray for three other posts. We also ask that you respect those with different religions, beliefs and prayers


www.prayerpage.org   (or 1800.PrayerPage.org)
A nat'l directory of 24/7 toll-free prayer lines







The Distant Healing Network - "Helping to Heal the World - One Person at a Time."







The Healing Request Page
from a Spiritualist Reiki Master
and a network of over seven hundred
experienced and dedicated healers from around the world

Request a free healing at freehealing.org!


The Circle-of-Light is a group of caring healers and good-hearted individuals  who have
banded together in unity to offer healing thoughts and energies to all who seek help.

The Reiki Cafe - visit the main page here

The Reiki Cafe Message Board - which specifically allows you to post healing requests

Ministry of Universal Energy Healers
Miracles happen every day, everywhere, and they can happen to anyone who believes enough to ask for one. Millions have been healed all over the world using alternative medicine or alternative healing methods, many of which are derived from ancient wisdom

Rosemary Altea Healing - Main Page with explanations, etc.

Rosemary Altea's Healing Request Page (specific)

Global Healing List

Angel Breeze Absent Healing Site
This type of healing is done in the absence of the person and/or persons, and is known to be one of the most powerful ways of healing. Being very similiar to Prayer Power, it directs all the love and healing to the person who is in need

Yahoo! Groups : HealingRequest
For people to post prayer requests for their friends and family to be included in the group's prayers and Energy sessions



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